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released March 19, 2016

Produced, mixed, and mastered at Old Dark House Studios



all rights reserved


Disappearance Madison, Wisconsin

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Track Name: Taking Back Control
Back the fuck up
you dont know me
And dont know who youre dealing with
You just take, all ive done is give
you want confrontation?
Well here it is!

Ive been pushed to my breaking point
The time has come for me to stand my ground
Ive sat quietly, painted smile
Im not a little girl you can push around

Just a shadow you dont see
you only want me on my knees
bend me, break me, overtake me
Wont sit quietly anymore

Just keep trying to silence me
I'll fight it, you wont control my dreams

Just keep trying to silence me
I wont give in, you wont control my dreams
Your opinions are all thats heard
I cant get in a fucking word!


back off (x3)
Track Name: Marionette
Pull my strings a little harder, the master and the slave
a puppet for your amusement
we'll be attached until the grave
No use in fighting, ive learned by now
pulled in with sweet, little lies
No use in trying to get away now
so much evil in such a sweet disguise
(sweet little lies, so much evil in such a sweet disguise)

[chorus x2]
Put away when ive fulfilled my use
collecting dust upon the shelf
And when I start to live a life of my own,
you pull me back into your hell
Just a toy in your wicked game
such a twisted sense of humor
But when I realize your ruse,
you'll wish that you stopped sooner

Im cutting the strings!
Im taking control!
No longer your slave!
My life is my own!

The strings have finally been severed
run now, your game is through
I am no one's plaything
and now vengeance is due
Your lips will never speak my name
not in this life or the next
There will be no more victims
this game is finally at rest!


[alternating chorus]
Just a toy on the shelf, just a toy
your puppet no longer, its over
I'm free and your game is through
Track Name: Look Away
Now the blood is red in your hands
you must follow through, she's met your demands
Sold her soul, highest bidder beware
You dont know what youre getting, never said she'd play fair

Cold, twisted, and broken to the core
what once was pure innocence now is no more

A wicked smile, she knows she's won
you realize, you'd better run

More evil than the devil himself
she plays her games with haunting precision
And pain is all she leaves in her wake
dont look in her eyes

You'd better run (x2)
This twisted dream, now a nightmare
you think youre safe but she holds the cards
A succubus, total darkness
No remorse, her soul is lost!


In the dark
she is lurking
in the dark
her destruction knows no end
Track Name: Feels So Right
Ive heard it before that love is all pain
ours;unhealthy and twisted but we cant stay away
ready to give up, going insane
cant say goodbye but sick of feeling this way

will this just go 'round in circles?
will this feeling ever change ?
I just want to move on without you
a memory I cant escape

[chorus 1]

Youve got a hold on me
(I can barely breathe)
These chains they grip so tight
you wont let me out of your sight

We've tried so hard to get away
But here we are, its nothing new
this pull we have between us
No, its not enough to free us

we've been down this road before
hopeless expectations, never coming true
well its time to make a decision now
we've come to the edge-Jump or fall

[chorus 2]
You've got a hold on me
(I can barely breathe)
These chains they grip so tight
(you wont let me out of your sight)
Every time we inch away
(something makes me stay)
Ive given up my fight
whats so wrong, feels so right

We've come to the edge now
whats so wrong feels so right
no more, no more, no more
Track Name: Nonsense
This is the story of washing my hands
a sountrack of making amends
Which of your two faces do I look at now
Why do you judge me for the same things,
you once did-now in the past

Those who turn their backs
are just destined to feel this way
See me, Hear Me, Love me, Hate me
You will never know
this feeling inside of betrayal,
feeling angry,
Fucking Angry!

There are two sides to this tale
but you've gone and made up your mind
without ever hearing my side
lost in your stupid, selfish pride


All those times that I tried so hard
to get you to like me
I finally realized youre a fucking hippocrite
and I dont care

Fuck it all, I dont need your
Track Name: Your Reign Ends Today
So perfect to the outside
hiding behind your paint and words
Being on top is your endgame
doesnt matter if its what you deserve
Your web of lies has become
so tangled no one can see through
But just give it time
until it all caves in on you

Mirror, mirror on the wall
tell us who's the fairest of them all
You hide behind your mask of lies
In the end the truth wont be disguised

With such ease youve taken the throne!

Your followers hang on every word
what would they think if they knew the truth?
Not so perfect as it seems now
Weve heard your stories,
now where's the proof?

Not a hair out of place
each move is calculated
You think, no one can see through your lies
This ego youve created


The time has come to expose you
for who you really are
The time has come to see you
for what you really are

[Alternate chorus 1-repeats]
Mirror, mirror on the wall
who's fairest of them all
You hide behind your lies
We see through your disguise

[alternate chorus 2--repeats]
Truth above all
(We wont be lead astray)
From your throne you will fall
(your reign ends today)
Track Name: Phoenix
You told me what to be
I let you shape my mind
Fuck this, I will resist
Emerging stronger this time
This fire consumes, this rage creates
these verbal beatings just fuel my fire
I will rise

I will rise from the ashes
that gather on the ground (we will see)
who is laughing in the end
now is the time
for me to take control and light the fire
for the phoenix

The fire is what consumes me
the rage, you helped create
these verbal beatings just fuel my fire
I'll show you, and I'll burn it to the ground
burn it to the ground!


[breakdown] x2
Can you see it? cause I can see it
Can you smell it? cause I can smell it
Can you feel it? cause I can feel it
feel the fire burn
Track Name: Poison
I pulled you in
fucked with your head
Like a lost, little moth
Ive caught you in my web
pulling you under, until youre dead
There's no use denying that youre in too deep
venom is spreading, slowly killing you-killing you in your sleep
killing you in your sleep

Im poison, run away
I'll only bring you pain
my eyes are deceiving, you wont hold me down
there's no use repeating what ive known for so long
Im poison

Run away!
I'll only bring you pain!
Run Away (x3)

It comes on slowly, infecting inside
I can say that im sorry, we both know thats a lie
Ive been here before and it all turns out the same
You can say what you need to baby
I'll take the blame (x2)
Track Name: No Sand
This lump in my throat
This pit in my chest
Is there from your actions
These lies that you told (your lies)
My pain that you hold (inside)
Is now devastating

Do not turn me over
this broken hourglass
Pours no sand, pours no sand

These feelings that I hold
for you are set aside
Now in the crossroads of your never ending lies
that you told me
this bullshit set aside
Give it away, Throw it away!


These lies that you told
will never fade away
These consequences
for which you will pay

Fuck you (x2)
This shattered,
This broken hourglass!

Do not turn me over, this broken hourglass
Track Name: Stand Trial
So unfeeling, mind is reeling
all these excuses-all the pain you've caused
I wont stay quiet and I wont just buy it
Im speaking up now I cant take anymore

stand trial(x2)

youre on the floor and no one can save you
we've been cut out, just like before
this neverending cycle, now is the time
youre gonna be punished for all your crimes

You think youre free
cant even see
this little game, it ends tonight
what happens now?
youre all alone
all your games, they end tonight

such a liar
and im so tired
you say youre sorry but its still the same
well its time to pay up now, time to stand trial
karma will find you, its calling your name


you think youre free
cant even see
all your games
they end tonight